Chauvet EVE E-100Z

  • R 14,999.00
  • Save R 5,000

Bringing LED technology to the professional stage, Chauvet's Ellipsoidal 100Z delivers the crisp, hard-edged light of a traditional spotlight, with the low heat and extreme power efficiency of LED light. This is the LED light theater techs have been asking for at Sweetwater! Manual zoom and framing shutters allow you to focus light on target areas, while included frame holders accommodate gels as well as steel and glass gobos. Another way the Ellipsoidal 100Z borrows from Chauvet's DJ lighting technology is its power linking, which saves time running extension cords. What's more, standalone operation means you don't need DMX to control this spot.


  • An LED mounted spot that's perfect for theatrical applications
  • Manual zoom and framing shutters let you define your light shape
  • Warm white light works well with standard gel colors
  • Frames for gel as well as steel and glass gobos included
  • Link power between units to save on long cable runs
  • Standalone operation eliminates the need for DMX

Tech Specs

  • Type:Spotlight
  • DMX:3-pin
  • DMX Modes:1 or 3
  • LED:Yes
  • LED Type:1 LED (white)
  • Illuminance:15,100 lux @ 2m (14°)
  • Power Consumption:106W
  • Height:16.9"
  • Width:7.2"
  • Depth:24.0"
  • Weight:12.6 lbs.



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