Chauvet DMX-4 (Dimmer/Switch Pack)

Chauvet DMX-4 (Dimmer/Switch Pack)

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If you need control over dimmable lighting fixtures that aren't equipped with DMX, then you're in luck. The Chauvet DJ DMX-4 dimmer/relay pack gives you four channels of dimming or switching, with up to five amps per channel (15A max). Unlike some dimmer/switch packs the DMX-4 will provide a phantom load that prevents ghosting and flickering in LED fixtures, adding flexibility to your rig while ensuring your light show will look great. And 16 built-in configurable chases make it easy to get a light show up and running really fast. Four duplex outlets allow you to control up to eight fixtures, and you can assign a separate DMX address to each duplex. When you need control over lighting instruments that aren't equipped with DMX, we can confidently recommend the Chauvet DMX-4 dimmer/relay pack.


  • 4-channel dimmer/switch pack with up to 5 amps per channel (15A max)
  • Provides DMX control for on/off or dimming fixtures that aren't equipped with DMX inputs
  • Generates a phantom load to prevent ghosting and flickering in LED fixtures
  • 16 built-in, configurable chases to get a light show running fast
  • Easy control using standalone mode or DMX control
  • Each channel can act as a dimmer or switch
  • Control up to eight units simultaneously with four duplex outlets
  • Each duplex outlet can be assigned its own DMX address for DMX control





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