Beyerdynamic TG V50d

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The Beyerdynamic TG V50d aims to be the new standard in live vocal reproduction. This affordable dynamic mic boasts a wider frequency response than the competition to deliver lifelike lead vocals to your audience. It's built tough so you never have to worry about throwing it in a backpack or gear case. And the Beyerdynamic TG V50d's Sound Channeling Technology (SCT) cuts back on resonance and offers maximum feedback rejection - this means more of you in your monitors and a cleaner sound for front of house.


  • Built for live vocal reproduction
  • Full frequency range (50Hz-17kHz) for crisp, clear vocals
  • Sound Channeling Technology (SCT) reduces unwanted resonance and feedback issues
  • High gain before feedback for more you in your monitors
  • Highpass filter cuts down on stage noise and bass boom
  • Affordable and rugged
  • Professional looks for any occasion
  • Includes mic clamp and storage bag

Tech Specs

  • Microphone Type:Dynamic
  • Mono/Stereo:Mono
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Frequency Response:50Hz-17kHz (close), 80Hz-17kHz (distant)
  • Color:Black
  • Connector:XLR
  • Weight:0.60 lbs.


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