Beyerdynamic TG Drum Set PRO M

  • R 11,595.00
  • Save R 900

The aspiring (studio) engineer in particular will love the TG Drum Pro Set M due to the fact that the mics are so easy to set up. Attach them to the tom rims, for example, by using the included mounting clips, and the compact size of the TG-D50d allows you to simply place it inside a bass drum. At the end of the day, miking a drum kit with this set is a piece of cake!


  • "Plug and Play" microphones, perfect for beginners
  • Easy mounting of tomclips on nearly every drum rim
  • Naturally sounding condenser microphones
  • simple and easy micing of the whole drum kit
  • Microphone clamp


  • 1 x TG D50 (bass drum, dynamic, cardioid)
  • 4 x TG D35 (snare drum, dynamic. supercardioid)
  • 2 x TG I53 (overheads, condenser, cardioid)
  • 1 x M Bag Drum (durable soft carrying case)


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