Soon to be bride and groom,

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the wedding and events industry has been brought to a complete standstill. We amongst many other suppliers have felt the effects of an industry closing and sadly many other businesses have closed, and staff members have lost their source of income.

Luckily, we have been able to keep head above water and all our wonderful staff members are still with us, due to us having other sources of income within the NSE Music umbrella.

We have been working around the clock to be transparent with all our current clients who’s weddings have been booked before this pandemic and insured them, we as a business, will survive this crisis and that their deposits are safe and that we are flexible moving dates around to make sure their weddings still happen, even if it’s only in 2021.

Due to all these dates being moved around, we have concluded that 2021 is going to be the busiest year so far! Most of 2020’s weddings are now moving to 2021, which means double the weddings.

That is why we would recommend using the off time during this pandemic, if you are part of the couch warriors practicing social distancing, or working more flexible hours, to plan your wedding for next year. Due to the back log of weddings, 2021 is going to be fully booked by the time our country’s regulation change and allows events to resume again.

Therefore, we would like to ensure you we are here all the way. We will help you through these uncertain times and ensure you have your dream wedding in 2021.  To secure our services, we now offer 40% booking fees, rather than our normal 60%. No deposit will be lost by moving the date to accommodate the lockdown regulations and we are offering our clients the option to book more than one date, as a failsafe.

We will send more regular updates, keeping you informed on the all the regulations involving the events industry and help you every step of the way to make sure you still have your dream wedding day!

Stay safe throughout these uncertain times and contact us if you have any questions. As always, we are here to help and bring joy to your big day!