DJ Course

NSE Music DJ Course

NSE Music DJ Course

The DJ Course covers a wide variety of DJ related topics to get you started with your career as a disc-jockey. Our course will set your path in the right direction to make sure that you will be able to effortlessly mix and blend songs to create your own unique DJ set leaving a lasting impression.

6 Hours of DJ Lessons 

6 Hours of practice time

One-on-one DJ Lessons

Student Discount on all gear

2 Hour mix record session

Course overview

  • Learning how to use Pioneer DJ Gear
  • Using Rekordbox
  • Different Music Genres 
  • Beats Per Minute (BPM) Ranges
  • Cue Points 
  • Beat matching
  • Mixing in key
  • Using the pitch
  • Inserting a new track
  • Removing the opposite track
  • Constructing a DJ Set
  • Recording a Mix
  • Basic introduction into marketing yourself as a DJ

On completion of the DJ Course you will receive a certificate and a 2 hour mix of yourself ready to begin your DJ Career.

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