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Stephen Du Plessis


Stephen is passionate about music, gear and designing solutions around clients’ needs. He is a sound engineering graduate and has worked in the live sound industry for over ten years. He has held both sales and management roles for some of the biggest music retail stores in the country.

Having been a musician for years, he knows how challenging, and important it is to choose the right gear, get it at the right price, and have a pleasant buying experience.

He specializes in designing technical solutions around his clients needs.


Daniel Louw


Daniel is a veteran at live sound applications, who has been working in the industry for 10 years as a live sound and monitor engineer. He also specializes in lighting design, audio-visual and is fluid in all industry standard mixing console.

He’s knowledge in studio gear and musical instruments are unmatched, he’s the right guy to talk to regarding your next home studio’s gear.


Juan Olivier

DJ & Operations Coordinator

Juan Olivier is part logistical genius and part Trance DJ. If anyone knows how to get something delivered fast and knows DJ gear, it’s Juan. He has worked in music retail stores for ages, watched most DJs live, and has spent a generous portion of his adult life at music festivals. Juan has cutting-edge product knowledge and is always up to date about what’s new and what’s trending when it comes to simplifying DJ rigs. 

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